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Santa Maria Style BBQ/Traditional Ranch

All our meats are fresh, never frozen, and cooked over Coastal Red Oak coals

Santa Maria style BBQ


BBQ'd Baby Backs infused with apple nectar
 A traditional assortment of sausages from the pit:

 Linguisa, Italian and  Swiss


BBQ'd Harris Ranch Choice Plus Tri-Tip, Top Sirloin
or option: Harris Ranch New York Strip

BBQ'd Chicken
cooked over red oak coals until golden brown then finished to perfection with rosemary and wine

Caesar Salad
made on site with local hearts of romaine with red onions, freshly grated Parmesan cheese and crunchy croutons

Our Famous Bunkhouse Beans
made fresh with our local heirloom pinquito beans, onions, bacon, garlic and California chili pepper

Grilled Herbed Garlic Bread
made with real butter in rich blend of aromatic herbs

Fresh Salsa

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