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California Simpatico

“A romantic blend of early California and Santa Fe cuisine”

California Simpatico


Channel Islands Seafood Cocktail
shrimp, crab, avocado, celery, green onions and cilantro in our own secret cocktail sauce

Tortilla Chips Guacamole and Salsa


BBQ'd Harris Ranch Choice Plus New York Strip

Pastel Chileno de Pollo (chicken)
tender pieces of chicken sauteed with julienned California anaheims, green bells, Spanish onions, cilantro, garlic and cumin. Topped with a rich cheesy polenta and baked until golden brown. (old family recipe)

Sweet Corn Tamales
sweet masa filled with roasted green chiles and cheddar cheese

Santa Barbara Salad
hearts of romaine, jicama, navel oranges, black mission figs and red onion, tossed with poppy seed dressing

Vaquero Beans
our heirloom pinquito beans slow cooked with Spanish chorizo, Spanish onions, California chili peppers and secret spices

Garlic Bread
  toasted on the grill then dipped in real garlic butter with aromatic herbs
Tortillas with Mission Salsa
mild and tasty with mission olives and cilantro

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