Cowboy Flavor Takes Santa Maria Style BBQ to The Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl VIP partyBilly and Sue Ruiz, owners of our local Cowboy Flavor catering company, are thrilled to be selected to take Santa Maria Style BBQ to the Rose Bowl.

The annual Parade of Roses and the Rose Bowl Game are two of the oldest and most prestigious events celebrating the New Year in our Nation. Prior to the kick-off is the famous Parade of Roses, then the ball game. In front of the stadium is one of the largest public tailgating parties you could ever experience. It is a sea of pick up trucks, vans and even little cars and hundreds of grills and flat screen TVs. The excitement in the air is enough to ignite anyone's grill. Off to one side is an exclusive area reserved for ESPN, Prime Sports, TV Networks, float owners, Sponsors and many VIPs. The theme this year is “Sports Bar”. Cowboy Flavor, is our ambassador for the Santa Maria Style BBQ, and have been chosen to provide the BBQ meats for this “village”. Promoters expect over 2,000 invited guests to enjoy the entire Sports Bar. Billy and Sue are proud to represent the Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Maria Valley with our famous Santa Maria Style BBQ at the Rose Bowl. Gourmet side dishes and desserts will be provided by an assortment of first class food trucks.

This isn't the first time Billy and Sue have been to the Rose Bowl. Two years ago, they rode on the RFD TV float in the parade, then hurried back through the traffic to cater in the VIP area for the RFD TV executives.

Billy and Sue said, “With Harris Ranch Beef, our Cowboy Flavor Seasoning and Central Coast Red Oak, we will be sure to score a touch-down for Santa Maria Style BBQ.

Happy New Year to all. God Bless America and God Bless our troops.