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We have created a line of products to help you bring out the true Cowboy Flavor in your BBQ.

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Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend

Due to popular demand, we are proud to offer our all-purpose grilling and roasting spice blend, which is perfect for all types of meats, chicken, fish, and vegetables. You can use it in place of any salt and pepper mix, from your breakfast eggs to your popcorn snack. This spice blend truly enhances the flavor of any dish you add it to. It has been a part of our family recipe for generations, originating from the Santa Maria, California tradition of open pit BBQ. Cowboy Flavor has made it famous from New York to Japan.


four 16.5 oz bottles of Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend

Buy Three 16.5 oz. Jars, Get One Free!

$30.00 $40.00
one 10.5 lb container Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend surrounded by two 16.5 oz containers Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend

Buy One 10.5 pound Container, Get Two 16.5 oz. Jars Free!

For those serious about weekend BBQ, competing, or restaurant use, this plastic jug holds 10.5 pounds of our world-famous Grilling and Roasting Spice. Great value at $75.00.

$75.00 $95.00

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Flat Rate USPS Priority

Flat Rate Bubble Envelope: $10.60


  • One to four 16.5 oz. jars Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend

  • One 2 pound bags of Bunkhouse Beans

Medium Size Box: $17.20


  • Five to eight 16.5 oz. jars Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend

  • Four 2 pound bags of Bunkhouse Beans

  • Two Bunkhouse Specials

  • One 10.5 pound Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend

Large Size Box: $22.90


  • Up to Sixteen 16.5 oz. jars Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend

  • One 10.5 pound Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend and 2 jars of Grilling and Roasting Spice Blend

  • Five to six 2 pound bags of Bunkhouse Beans

You can also purchase our products at the following retail markets and delis:

608 Alamo Pintado Road
Solvang, CA 93463

2886 Mission Dr.
Solvang, CA
(805) 688-4300

1132 W.Branch Way
Arroyo Grande, CA
(805) 473-9131

730 Quintana Rd.
Morro Bay, CA
(805) 772-0670

2320 S. Broadway Ave.
Santa Maria, CA
(805) 346-2077

189 Niblick Road
Paso Robles
(805) 237-1626

222 E. HWY 246
Buellton, CA
(805) 693-1069

8200 El Camino Real
(805) 462-0379

1110 E. Clark Ave.
Orcutt, CA
(805) 934-4472

CA Fresh Brands Pismo LLC
555 Five Cities Drive
Pismo Beach, CA 93449
(805) 295-7162

2792 Halcyon Road
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
(805) 489-9311

700 East Main Street, Suite 104
Santa Maria, CA 93454
(805) 354-0213

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For years, Cowboy Flavor has been a trusted choice for couples on their special day, offering BBQ-style catering and gourmet cuisine that are both delicious and diverse.

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Wine Country Events

With years of experience catering for wineries, we have honed our skills in providing exceptional food and service to make your event truly memorable.

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Special Occasions

We understand how important it is to create lasting memories on your special day. That's why we're committed to delivering exceptional catering services that will satisfy and delight your guests.

Outdoor Corporate event with crowd on Santa Rosa Island.

Corporate & Large Events

If you are planning to entertain your executives, employees or potential clients, we would be happy to assist you in making your event a success.

Let Cowboy Flavor take care of the catering while you enjoy a worry-free event.

We would love to help you create the perfect menu for your special day. For more information and availability call Cowboy Flavor at 888-386-2776 or complete our Contact Form.

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